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            培养目标Our Mission Statement

            We expect to help children grow up and become fully developed, open-minded citizens. They will be equipped with positive thinking and have a broadperspective as well as good morals.

            我们的宗旨Our Aim

            To help children grow up in an environment surrounded by love and freedom.

            我们的特色OUR APPROACH

            High quality teacher division: two homeroom teachers (English and Chinese) + one foreign specialist+ one child-care teacher \ English Immersion Learning Atmosphere\ Culture Diversity Learning\ Multidimensional Curriculum System\ Complete and Scientific Evaluation System\WonderfulExploring Activities

            Words from
            General Principal

            振兴民族的希望是教育,振兴教育的希望是教师。 教师是山,学生是水。只有碧水青山,方成如画风景。我们要给每一个学生真诚的爱,让每一个学生愉快的学,激励每一个学生自主发展,帮助每一个学生获得成功。
            Education is the foundation of revitalizing the nation, as teachers are the resources of education promotion.Teachers are the mountains, and students are the water. Only clear water and beautiful mountains can create picturesque scenery. We provide each student with our pure-hearted love so that they could acquire knowledge merrily; We stimulate each student according to his ability so that they could achieve success decently.

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